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We provide affordable, highly responsive Online Class Support and Services for primary to 12th.

Preschool Comes Home Daily Program

A program for parents, who want a complete preschool experience at home. Helps kids to learn and connect with teachers and friends during daily live online classes.

Preschool Comes Home Weekend Program

A program for parents, who can't take daily online classes due to work and home commitments. Helps kids to continue learning with weekend online class and activity videos.


Brain Eureka focuses on bringing value and solve student's challenges through the delivery of modern Online class services and solutions

Brain Eureka is a leading Ed-tech company. Ed-tech has made remarkable advances in the last few decades and made learning convenient for the world. Here at Brain Eureka, the opportunity to learn is just a click away. The courses offered here, spanning across a comprehensive collection, gives an incisive understanding of knowledge which is essential for honing your children's mental ability and shaping their careers. With the help of concise illustrations, we endeavor to provide a genuine understanding so that no child is left behind.
The courses offered by us are as follows :
From grade LKG to grade 12th

Explore Your Creativity With Video Classes

Online classes in photography, art, design, craft & DIY, marketing, and with creative classes taught by the world's best

Our Mission:

We aim to provide education so that students can learn at their own place and be at ease as far as their studies are concerned. We plan to transform the traditional way of learning as a part of this academic evolution we are currently witnessing.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Brain Eureka is to accentuate the wisdom of students so that they can contribute, maybe lead the nation in future. We strive to reach every student's intellect in a way that helps them survive in today's stern and competitive world so that they can sustain the toughness and show unparalleled prudence in their knowledge. By 2030 we aim to enroll 10,000,00+ students across the nation.


1. Listening to and Reading Lecture Material

Do any required pre-reading. If lecture slides are available before class, download them.

2. Completing Assignments

Make some notes and create a draft outline of the information you need to include in the assignment.

3. Engaging in Discussion

High quality example sentences with “engage in discussion with” in context from reliable.

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We focus on bringing value and solve online classes main challenges

We have identified the major problems of online class or training Solution. Find an online course that is dynamic, fun and interactive online courses overlook this part and focus solely on theoretical content and external lessons.

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